About us

We change people’s lives and we love doing it. 

We’ve delivered custom goal-based financial advice solutions to suit our clients’ exact needs for more than 36 years.

We give our clients visibility into their finances, control over their wealth, and peace of mind about their futures. With offices in Sydney, Parramatta and Mudgee, we serve hardworking pre-retirees, retirees, young professionals and tech professionals.

Why Profile Financial Services?

We’ve got decades of real-life experience with clients at all stages of life with vastly different goals and needs. We can advise you on:

  • Superannuation
  • Investments
  • Insurance
  • Retirement
  • Estate Planning
  • Aged Care

We’re more than financial advisers.

We’re a team who value truthful conversations about
wealth-building, and deliver unique solutions that
empower you to live the good life, on your terms.

We purposefully foster a company culture of people who are:

Technically Excellent

We know financial advisory, and we know how to curate and customise solutions to fit our clients’ individual needs. By working together, you will be able to leverage our experience and knowledge to grow your investments and plan your future lifestyle.


We work quickly because money is time, which means we’re working with your money and your time. This is a special privilege that we never take for granted. We’ll always go the extra mile to demystify the complicated world of finances and investments for you.


We’re real people who enjoy working with real people. Just like you, we’ve got big goals and dreams, one of which is seeing your wealth protected and preserved to suit your unique needs.

Abundance can be yours too

Our journey to success

Humble Beginnings 1986

Profile is founded by Garry Ohlsen

The origins of Profile go back to 1986, when Garry Ohlsen’s vision to create an organisation with an absolute focus on its clients began. Our current name “Profile Financial Services” was settled on to reflect our prioritisation of the individual client’s profile when considering their financial needs.

The pyramid logo represents stability, security, and the importance of having a strong base on which to build your plan.

Our mission is:
“We partner with and empower clients who want to find a smarter way to build and secure their wealth, so they can live the life they want with confidence.”

Founding Retirement 1994

Frank Smith's Retirement

Frank Smith has been a very important part of Profile’s story from the very beginning. As one of Garry’s mentors for many years, the two have forged a lifelong friendship as well as a great working relationship. Garry named Frank as honorary chairman at our founding, in acknowledgement of Frank’s great assistance, knowledge and wisdom.

Frank started in the industry with AMP back in 1949 and was one of the first ever graduates of the CFP program, the highest designation a planner can have in Australia.

Frank retired in 1994 after 45 years in the industry.

Leaving Hillross (AMP) 2002

Profile leaves the Hillross (AMP) group

A company providing financial advice to Australians must hold an appropriate licence – “Australian Financial Services Licence” or AFSL – from ASIC.

Profile was originally licensed through the Hillross group (a subsidiary of AMP).

The year 2002 saw major changes to the regulation of financial services companies in Australia and Garry decided the time had come to go out on his own. He wanted Profile to control its own destiny, including the products and services it could make available to clients.

As a result Profile obtained its own licence from ASIC and left the AMP group. Profile has retained its own licence ever since.

Watch "Welcome to Profile Financial Services" video here.

Anderson Burkett 2003

Profile acquires Anderson Burkett’s financial planning business

Anderson Burkett – a chartered accountancy firm – made a decision to exit financial planning and focus on its core business of accountancy. They felt Profile offered the right combination of services and support to its clients and staff, and the transaction completed in 2003. Phillip Win, who had headed up the planning business at Anderson Burkett, joined Profile and is today a Director of Profile.

The change marked a major growth milestone for Profile and we also made a decision to update our logo – while still retaining the strong pyramid shape.

New Board launched 2008

Profile’s advisory board launched

Garry and Phil made a decision to launch an advisory board, to bring an independent and fresh viewpoint to Profile’s decision making, and as part of our commitment to forward thinking and continuing to find better ways to serve our clients. Our foundation independent members were Christine Bull and Andrew Fairweather.

Profile's Sydney office 2009

Profile opens a Sydney CBD office

In response to client demand, Profile established a permanent city office, initially at Level 8, 261 George St in Sydney.

Profile hires a CEO 2010

Sarah Abood appointed as new CEO

Having decided that professional management was important to help Profile continue to grow, Profile hired Sarah Abood to the new role of CEO.

Profile's Board renewal 2011

Advisory board renewal

Christine Bull and Andrew Fairweather completed their tenure, and Richard Crake and Stephen Robertson joined Profile’s advisory board.

New Portfolio solutions 2011

Profile launches new implemented portfolio solutions

Profile launched a new set of integrated investment solutions for clients needing a packaged investment solution. These provide asset allocation, risk management and manager selection for clients with minimal paperwork and consolidated reporting.

Joined Capel & Associates 2013

Profile acquires Capel & Associates

Frustrated by the increasing load of administration and red tape required to run its own AFSL, but determined to retain independence for its clients, Capel and Associates decided to join forces with Profile Financial Services, with Principal Rick Capel joining Profile as Senior Financial Planner.

New direct share services 2015

Profile launches new direct shares service

After extensive research and review of the market for equities services, Profile developed and launched a new direct shares solution for clients. It offers a full implementation and advice service, with online access and minimal paperwork and hassle, while our clients still make the final decisions on trades.

Peter Coleman 2015

Profile appoints non-executive independent director

To support Profile’s continuing growth, we made a decision to add a non-executive director to our board. Peter Coleman joined Profile in 2015 as non-executive director and chairman.

Moving Parramatta office 2015

Profile moves Parramatta office

Having outgrown our previous headquarters at Creagh Cottage, and needing a more efficient communications infrastructure, we moved our Parramatta office to 100 George Street in April 2015. Our new premises are located in a modern office building with excellent communications infrastructure, walking distance from the train, bus and ferry stations, and close to shopping and amenities.

Aspire Wealth 2015

Profile acquires Aspire Wealth

AMP’s decision to close down the Genesys dealer group left Aspire Wealth principal Stephen Paull in need of a new home. After reviewing the options available, Stephen decided to join Profile – based on our privately owned and licensed structure, high client satisfaction levels, efficient processes and excellent adviser support.

HSA Financial 2016

Profile acquires HSA Financial

Having decided to explore other roles within the financial services industry, in late 2016 Evan Hill made a decision to close his business HSA Financial. Wanting a smooth transition for his clients and to ensure their financial affairs were well looked after, he chose Profile for our highly qualified advisers, our client-first values and efficient client support service.

From George St to Market St 2017

Profile moves city office

Our previous Sydney CBD office building was compulsorily acquired by the State Government for a major transport and infrastructure project, and we officially settled into our new premises on Monday 13 February. Our new premises are located in a modern office building within walking distance from the train, bus and ferry stations, and close to shopping and amenities.

onePlan Financial Planning 2018

Profile acquires onePlan Financial Planning

With her business growing strongly over 12 years since onePlan was founded, Louise Scifleet needed to support this growth. In exploring possible business solutions to ensure her valued clients continue to receive great advice and support Louise partnered with Profile due to similar values, capabilities and ‘client first’ ethos. We have been around for over 30 years and with this merger we now have offices in Parramatta, Sydney CBD, Mudgee and Dubbo.

Orion Financial Group 2019

Profile welcomes the staff and clients of Orion Financial Group to the firm

Orion, an insurance-focused firm based in Parramatta, literally just around the corner from Profile’s existing Parramatta office, was known to the Profile team for some time and we began exploring ways to work together as the principals (Igor and Jennifer Loutkovsky) finalised their long-term succession plan. Joining the two firms together gave Profile clients a specialist insurance team (Igor and Jennifer, along with their daughter and senior insurance adviser Sacha, and staff Karla and Erica) with deep knowledge and experience in the critically important area of personal insurance. It also gives the former Orion clients new opportunities to explore wealth and investment advice with Profile.