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Are you ready for Retirement?

If you’re between 40 and 55, you may not have given much thought to retirement. 

While it may seem a long way off, burying your head in the sand can have a catastrophic impact on the nest-egg you’ll need in retirement. Instead of facing what can seem like a confusing maze of red tape and legalities, we can help you plan for and protect your unique retirement plans and goals, with strategies suited to your particular lifestyle and needs.

We’re different and we can prove it

When you work with us, you’re choosing to transition from disorganisation,
risk and vulnerability to a more secure future with a sound financial plan.

You are our business, and we’re committed to giving you tailored advice that will set you on the path to the retirement of your dreams.


Trust is the name of the game when you work with us. Get investment help that will build your wealth and protect it well into retirement.


You want to be smart about your future. You’ve worked hard. Now, it’s time to work with expert advisers to create and preserve your wealth so that you can live a life you love.


As you prepare for retirement, and even after you retire, you want to feel in control of your finances. At Profile Financial Services, we go out of our way to inform and educate you so you can enjoy your money and understand it too.

Leave the DIYing to arts and crafts

When it comes to securing your future and the legacy that you will leave behind for your children and family, it is too precious to leave it to chance.

 Trusting experienced financial advisers who have your best interests at heart is the only way to mitigate risk and plan with purpose.

Structure your investments for success

There are many investment strategies we use to protect and grow your wealth in the lead up to and during retirement.

The strategy we create for you will be uniquely designed to achieve your goals. Our highly experienced advisers will work with you to analyse any current investments and create a plan to protect and grow your wealth over time.

Save with Superannuation

One of the most tax-effective ways to save for retirement is to invest in superannuation. We can guide you through changing rules and updated best practices to ensure that you make the most of industry, retail funds and self-managed super funds, and much more.

From contributions to consolidations and finding lost super, we will decode the world of superannuation for you and curate a strategy that will grow your nest egg as you prepare for retirement.

Plan for aged care

As a pre-retiree, beginning to plan for the accommodations and assistance you ‒ or your loved ones ‒ may need as you age is an excellent way to protect your comfort and lifestyle well into the future. Our licensed professionals will make this process stress-free and easy to navigate.

Leave a legacy

Proper estate planning can alleviate much pain and hurt, ensuring that your exact wishes are carried out. Our team can work with your legal representative so that any guardianship, power of attorney, or beneficiary nomination matters are seen to well in advance.

Hear about what we can do straight from our customers

While we’re confident in what our services can do for you, we understand that you don’t necessarily want to take our word for it.
Instead, hear what our customers have to say about us, our process and the results we have achieved for them:

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We’ll dive deep into your needs and preferences to create a plan tailored to your circumstances. After some research, your financial adviser will present your advice for your approval.

Enjoy an extraordinary life

After your plan is implemented, you can relax and enjoy the benefits! We will schedule regular reviews with you to monitor your progress and make any necessary adjustments to help you stay on track towards achieving your goals.

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