Settle into retirement securely

Let us help you understand your financial position.

Gain peace of mind when it comes to money

As a retiree, you’ve moved from relying on your monthly
salary to relying on the strength and health of your investments.

Allow us to guide you on this journey by planning:

Your unique retirement goals

Structuring and managing your investments

Leaving a legacy for your loved ones

Plan to enjoy your retirement. 

Don’t leave the best years of your life to chance or luck. 

Choose to make the most of every day. Our excellent team of fast-working, authentic professionals is ready to meet with you, discuss your unique vision for your retirement, and craft the perfect financial solution for you. 

Make more time to savour your retirement.

We’re different and we can prove it

At Profile Financial Services, we help you balance your desire to live the most
comfortable life your retirement funds can buy with your need to make the funds last. 

Our dedicated team will work with you to build a solid foundation for your financial independence and empowerment.

Tailor-made strategy

Our expert team will take the time to get to know you and your retirement goals. If flying out to see the grandkids frequently is non-negotiable, we’ll prioritise this in your financial plan.

Complete visibility

At the end of the day, your funds are your funds. We will always ensure you understand everything we recommend so that you are empowered to make the best decisions for you.

The retirement of your dreams

We’ll guide you every step of the way so that you needn’t worry about your nest egg or investments. Retire in peace and plenty as we watch over your hard-earned rewards!

Protecting your financial independence

While you travel, tick things off the bucket list, or simply unwind with good book after good book, we’ll help you manage your wealth as effectively as possible.

Limit risk

Entrust us to work with you to help safeguard and enhance your wealth. Allow us to help protect and grow your wealth.

Leverage government support

Supplement your retirement income with the benefits and pensions available to you.

Unlock peace of mind

Rest easy knowing that you, your loved ones, or a cause you care about will be well-cared for long into the future.

Hear about what we can do straight from our customers

While we’re confident in what our services can do for you, we understand that you don’t necessarily want to take our word for it.
Instead, hear what our customers have to say about us, our process and the results we have achieved for them:

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