Here at Profile Financial Services, we take the time to get to know each and every one of our clients. So we think it’s only fair to let you know a little bit about each and every one of us! Over the coming weeks we will introduce each of our team members as a way of helping you get to know more about Profile’s dedicated work family…we hope you enjoy getting to know us a little bit more! Today we’re introducing one of our senior financial advisers..Kurt Ohlsen!

What are you reading right now?  

I am a bit boring in this space as I am not much of a fiction reader. I love reading technical articles and case law but also enjoy reading random research papers (the last one was on battery technology).  

Favourite recipe and where can we find it?  

Crumbed black lip abalone –Thick cross cut and pounded strips of abalone are covered in flour, egg wash  and panko breadcrumbs before into some hot oil for 30 seconds. Some salt and a squeeze of lemon to finish. Not certain if I would love it as much if I had to pay for the abalone but thankfully, I love freediving so can get them for free. 

Any pets/kids/spouses?   

I have 3 kids with my partner Rachel –  Scarlett (6), Isabelle (4) and Mitchel (1). I am not certain that the 4 chickens we have qualify as pets…but the eggs are enjoyed 

The one movie you just keep coming back to…  


Why do you work in financial planning? 

Why wouldn’t I? It’s in my genetics, you get to help people achieve their goals…and protect them from some disasters, it’s ever changing and interesting – I like solving problems and invariably there are plenty presented in this space. And it is a lot safer and not as hard on the body than the work I used to do on a cattle station.   

What are your top 5 key values?  

Loyalty, curiosity, respect, quality, self sufficiency  

Who has influenced you most in life and how?   

My Dad – He helped inspire my love of the ocean, outdoors/camping and financial planning while also showing me what commitment and persistence can achieve.  

What makes you smile?  

My kids showing me something new they have learnt, doing something someone has told me can’t be done, sitting around a campfire with good friends and family, going freediving….and all the little things in between. 

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